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Garden Tips For Tenants - What You Need To Know

Tenant’s responsibilities regarding gardens, according to most tenancy agreements, are to maintain the landlord’s garden and return it in the same, or similar condition, as at time of check in. Lawns, if tidy at check in, should be left tidy and borders weeded if this was the condition at the start of the tenancy. Tenants are not responsible for keeping plants alive or for replacing bedding or other plants. Planted containers Read More

Condensation - What You Need To Know & Preventative Tips For Landlords & Tenants

There is always some moisture in the air. However, when the air gets cold, it cannot hold onto all the extra moisture produced by everyday activities, so some of this moisture appears as small droplets of water – most noticeable on windows or where there is little movement of air. If not properly dealt with, this extra ‘dampness’ can lead to mould growth on almost any surface such as walls, ceilings, furniture, window Read More

Rise of Generation Rent As Home Ownership Hits 25 Year Low

Home ownership has fallen to its lowest level for a quarter of a century as soaring property prices have seen the number of people renting almost double. More than a third of England's 14.3million homeowners are now aged 65 and over as young people have been frozen off the property ladder. Just 1.4million homeowners are aged between 25 and 34, the age group most likely to be raising families, while 96,000 are aged between 16 and Read More